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Challenges Of Web 2.0 rollout Inside The Enterprise

Most definitely Web 2.0 is offering some new possibilities for companies to engage with their stakeholders. Recently read this post from Dion where he talks about the challenges in rolling out web 2.0 approaches inside the enterprise. Companies are testing web 2.0 waters much more aggressively on the outside than they are doing inside the enterprise.

It is not very difficult to see why the roll out is faster outside than it is inside. Are there more reasons you see – do please share with the community – leave a comment on my blog.

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Faster rollout outside why ?

  • No longer an unproven approach – Many companies have successfully done this already and the associated problems and risks are well known
  • Competitive Pressures– Since companies are already doing it without too many problems, not using web 2.0 approaches to engage with your customers means you run the risk of being left behind.
  • Significant Cost Benefits– Afterall cost of user generated content, crowdsourcing innovation and idea generation are significantly lesser than doing it from within the enterprise. Having the community do this automatically give many benefits
    • Community has a sense of ownership on the content/idea which makes it much lesser effort for the company to put it back
    • Decisions are much more democratic. For example if Dell adopts the top ideas on its community page, the decision looks much more democratic to the entire community
  • Cost Savings– Getting the community generate content, ideas, decide what they want etc can offer some cost saving to the firm itself. For example the entire process of idea generation/prioritization is in some form outsourced to the community and to add for free !


Slow roll out within the enterprise – why ?

  • Risks are not very well known as yet– The risks of how to manage simple things like an employee’s time on these activities can be high. For example if an employee blogs for say a couple of hours in the work day how would you actually measure his performance ?
  • Security concernsof allowing employees to collaborate with the outside community is a difficult question to handle as well.
  • Data concerns– right now the enterprise has significant control of how data is managed and stored inside the enterprise. Bringing in web 2.0 approaches into the enterprise can throw up some significant challenges of how data is managed.